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busan metro pass

A transit pass is an electronic payment method used for transportation. Busan Metro Line 3 (3호선) construction began in November 1997. Please note that there is no transfer discount available for the Airport Limousine. The use of a metro pass, either a Hanaro Card (하나로카드) or a Digital Busan Card (디지털부산카드) will offer a fare discount of 10% to adults and 20% to youth of 13-18 of age. The metro system is well used and provides a very comprehensive service across the Busan urban area. The Metro map includes information on which station, and which numbered exit from that station, to use for main attractions. The Seoul Metro is bigger & more comprehensive but Busan though smaller, is just as good. It is not known why, but the red is clearly not love. Destination announcements are made in Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese. But there are more than one subway company, different tickets, different prices. With an investment of 11 billion won TU Media installed 530 signal emitters to provide seamless reception in the entire underground system. Railway line along the coast being upgraded for commuter service, with trains every 30 min (15 min peak), to be extended to Taehwagang Station in Ulsan by 2021. The ticket machines offer assistance in Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese for the convenience of international travelers. Here, card options are available too for frequent commuters. Gamcheon Culture Village feels like a village out of a fairytale and is only a 20-minute walk from Toseong Station, Exit 8. The cost of a one-day pass is 5000 won. Station of Line 2, you will soon arrive at Oryukdo Skywalk. Chinatown is located just across the street from Busan Station, making it convenient to visit if you’re in the area. Busan Metro Line 2 (2호선) crosses Busan from east to west, running along the shores of Haeundae and Gwangalli, and then north toward Yangsan. The one-day pass allows unlimited rides on the same day of purchase for all subway lines except the Busan-Gimhae LRT and Donghae Line. The bridge, Gwangalli Beach, and Haeundae’s Marine City line up to create one fantastic landscape. Following the "Daegu Subway Fire" in 2003, it was decided during construction to install screen doors to all station platforms on Line 3. The payment structure for the Busan Metro is integrated with the rest of the public transportation systems. Nampodong to the south is Busan's shopping and entertainment downtown, while central Seomyeon at the intersection of metro lines 1 and 2 is the main office building area. [4] The city of Yangsan subsequently gave up on finishing the extension and building the last three stations. From a vending machine, of course! All of the 21 stations are above-ground, and each train has 2 cars. The colorful buildings also make for outstanding photos. The Bay 101, in particular, has become one of the hottest places for viewing Busan’s skyline at night. Transfer points are announced by a bird twitter sound. Busan Metro has a total length of 109.5 km, 4 lines and 107 stations. To make the most of your time, stop by the Gamcheon Culture Village Information Center to purchase a stamp tour map (2,000 won / available in English, Japanese, and Chinese) before you head out! The line was originally planned as an extension of Line 3. Busan is on the coast and has many beautiful nightscapes. Edited: 2 years ago Busan is a city of beautiful beaches, glamorous night scenes, and modern history. Announcements at stations for arriving trains are in Korean, followed by English, then Japanese and Mandarin. The backstreets are lined with Chinese restaurants, selling everything from Chinese donuts and dumplings to fortune cookies. There are longer lines, which pass the whole territory of the city and go even further, and there are lines that only connect Busan and its suburbs, one or more. Since 2014, trip fares for under 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) are 1200 won ($US 1.15), while trips over this distance cost 1500 won ($US 1.33). The Seoul City Pass Card offers discount options for short-term visitors while the T-money card is the preferred option of Seoul city residents. Busan sits roughly 450 km (280 miles) southeast of Seoul and about 150 km (93 miles) northwest of Japan's main islands. There are a number of large markets along Busan Subway Line 1. After a short 15-minute taxi ride from Kyungsung Univ.•Pukyung Nat’l Univ. To purchase a one-day pass, simply select the designated button at the bottom right-hand side of the machine. Transit Pass. Using automated guideway transit technology and extending from Minam to Anpyeong, Line 4 includes 14 stations and 12.7 kilometres (7.9 mi) of route. The Busan Metro is a rapid transit system that serves the city of Busan, South Korea. Both the Hanaro and the Digital Busan cards, are available in either card format or a more compact, yet slightly more expensive cell phone accessory format. The line uses trains that have six cars each. Including the BGL and the Donghae Line, the network covers 168.4 kilometres (104.6 mi) of route and serving 150 stations). Each train operates with 6 cars, though each car on Line 4 is significantly shorter than the cars used on the other lines in the Busan Metro system. Any help will be greatly appreciated. The system is operated by the Busan Transportation Corporation and is 133.4 km long. There is a … How to calculate a metro fare in Busan? Busan Metro, Busan: See 952 reviews, articles, and 293 photos of Busan Metro, ranked No.13 on Tripadvisor among 286 attractions in Busan. … Urban rail use guide We inform you of how to purchase Busan urban train ticket and how to use it. Tickets cost 5,000 won each, and are available at all ticket vending machines located inside of the city's subway stations. Most machines will accept 1000 won notes as well as coins. You can take the subway and bus and transfer together with a normal subway T-Money or Cash Bee card. Once you have a taste, you are going to be craving for more. The view of Busan’s landmark Gwangandaegyo Bridge at night cannot be missed. 2)Can it be used for paying the 500 won transfer fee at Sasang Stn when transferring from the Gimhae Airport light rail to the metro subway system heading for Nampo Stn? How do you get Tokyo subway tickets? Generally, the Metro system in Korea is very efficient, fast & clean. Category:Busan Metro. You can add money to your transit pass by using a ticket machine inside the Busan Metro stations and the railway stations along the Donghae Line or at convenience stores and Busan Bank branches. As you go through the turnstile to get on and off, you will swipe if you have a transportation card. The Busan Metro (Korean: 부산 도시철도; Hanja: 釜山都市鐵道; RR: Busan dosicheoldo) is the urban rail system operated by the Busan Transportation Corporation of Busan, South Korea. We advise you to check details before visiting. The nearby Busan Cinema Center, the venue of Busan International Film Festival, is also worth a visit. * This column was last updated in July 2019, and therefore information may differ from what is presented here. The facility is a yacht club equipped with a café, gallery, restaurants and more. Choose from 3 and 5 consecutive days, or 2 and 4 flexible days, Saver Passes for groups of 2-5 traveling with the same itinerary. The one-day pass is only valid on metro lines 1 to 4, and does not include buses. The passes are equipped with a microchip and are scanned by laying them against sensor plates at the entrance and exit of stations. Nearby attractions include Igidae Park, Galmaet-gil & Haeparang-gil Trails for enjoyable trekking along the coast. Time Table You can check out the time table of each subway route. As the world’s largest department store, Busan’s Shinsegae Centum City features various brands, including luxury products. Any help will be greatly appreciated. The biggest advantage of touring Busan is that most of the main attractions are easily accessible by subway. Yubu pockets are served in a warm seafood and vegetable that has just the right combination of sweet and salty. 2)Can it be used for paying the 500 won transfer fee at Sasang Stn when transferring from the Gimhae Airport light rail to the metro subway system heading for Nampo Stn? Travelers with a tight budget can purchase a one-day pass for unlimited rides on Busan subways within the same day. Jump to navigation Jump to search Busan Metro the subway system of Busan, South Korea Upload media Wikipedia: Instance of: rapid transit: Location: Busan, South Korea, Korean Peninsula : Operator: Busan Transportation Corporation; Has part: Busan Metro Line 1; Busan Metro Line 2; Busan Metro Line 3; Busan Metro … An extension of Line 2 towards the eastern extremity of Haeundae-gu is planned. Why You Should Buy KORAIL PASS . Pusan National University Yangsan Campus Station, which was the fourth station to open in Phase 3, opened on 1 October 2009. Tickets should be kept since they are required to leave the station once reaching destination, and getting caught "jumping the gate" will result in a hefty fine. All directional signs on the Busan Metro are written in both Korean and English, and the voice announcement in the trains indicating the upcoming station, possible line transfer and exiting side are all spoken in Korean, followed by English. This fifth line has a length of 23,9kms and adds 21 stations to the system. The Lost and Found office is located on the Line 1 platform in Seomyeon Station. Almost every major Metro station & those in the city itself here will have an underground shopping mall. Easy to understand, convenient for travel and business! Busan Metro Line 4, also called the Bansong Line, is a rubber-tyred metro system that serves north-central and northeastern Busan. Link one of the following accounts to sign in as a VisitKorea member. It costs KRW ₩ 1300 for a ride on the metro for an adult. A single ride fare (as of 1 June 2014) is 1300 won for a destination within less than 10 km (6.2 mi) and 1500 won for any other destinations. Another dish great for filling up on is bibim dangmyeon. Other Chinese-influenced aspects of the area include uniquely designed street lamps and buildings. The KOREA TOUR CARD Namhaean Coast comes with special privileges that are unique to the Namhaean (southern coast) regions of Busan, Gyeongsangnam-do, and Jeollanam-do. If you’re looking for something a little sweeter, try the ssiat hotteok. This is one of the few lines in Korea and in the world that have screen doors installed in every station. [4] Of the 14 stations, 8 are underground, 1 is ground-level, and 5 are above-ground. station 123 is on line 1. All directional and information signs, maps and electronic/audio information is provided in Korean, Japanese, Chinese and English and small fold-out system maps are available at all stations. The KORAIL PASS is specially designed for foreign visitors who want to avail of discount rates when using the KTX train.

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