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Simple. It will have better hardness but may be susceptible to corrosion in the long run. There is also a jimping cut into the spine side of the scales which aids in traction as well! Since the handle surface is flat and smooth it offers an ideal palette for engraving or personalizing your knife. RELIABLE HIGH PERFORMANCE - The Delica 4 family includes a full range of handle colors, blade grinds, and edge configurations, as well as a blunted training version and a model with the Emerson Opening. Although somewhat difficult to see until you get up close and personal, Spyderco included milled stainless steel liners to the Delica for durability and rigidity. The blade of this Spyderco knife has a notched thumb ramp and a Spyderco hole for ambidextrous one hand opening. or the jimping feels like an afterthought to the design. The VG-10 steel in the blade holds an edge very well. My first Spyderco was the budget-friendly Tenacious many years ago. It is very lightweight and an ideal size for an everyday carry knife. If you prefer tip-up or tip-down, right side or left side, or inside or outside carry, the clip can be relocated to accommodate any of these carry positions. Different edge types perform better for certain tasks. As with many of Spyderco knives you can get the blade with a variety of edge finishes. A standard Spyderco Delica 4 comes with a VG-10 Stainless steel blade. GAME CHANGER - The handle is precision machined from solid 6AL-4V titanium. These Scales are perfectly fitted on the knife with skeletonized stainless-steel liners without slightest of gaps. It is an exquisite expression of the classic Delica that offers the best of old-world craftsmanship and state-of-the-art materials. 5Cr15MoV Steel For Knives Have you been looking for a knife recently and come across blades made out of 5Cr15MoV Steel? The stainless steel Delica 4 fills your palm with a handful of steel yet doesn't seem weighty or unwieldy. These can get cracked upon strong collisions sometimes. The closed length is 4 ¼” while the overall length of an open knife is 7 ⅛” long. Let’s have a quick look at the different versions. Four words that describe the Spyderco Delica to a tee. The FRN scales utilize Spyderco's patented Bi-Directional Texturing to keep your hand from slipping under pressure. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to As you would expect with any Spyderco you pick up, the Delica’s fit and finish is superb. If you’re looking for a knife that won’t break the bank that you can be fully customized, look no further than the Delica 4. This steel is extremely hard and often measures as high as 65 Rc. Notable differences include a less premium steel (8CR13MOV,) a dedicated finger choil and finger groove, and a flipper tab. However, like all serrated edges, they take much longer and a little more skill to sharpen. As compared to FRN, these scales are more rounded and smoother. From the quality of the materials to the ease of use and ergonomics, Spyderco has been a long-standing household name for anyone who collects knives. It’s a fine product and is even harder than traditional carbon steel. They also produce the “Byrd” line of knives which have the same Spyderco signature styles but with more economical steels and production considerations. When you open the knife the spine is locked onto a notch on the back of the blade. This locking mechanism may not be easy to close with one hand, but the lockback keeps the blade secured when open and makes sure you don’t accidentally close the knife on your hand while using it. First of their kind on the market, both folders opened up the knife market to lightweight performance, one-hand open pocketknives that just about everyone could afford. All variations of the Delica have been made in Seki City Japan. What Are the Different Blades on a Pocket Knife for? Sharp. After continued success, Spyderco updated the Delica again in 1999. There are now many different variations of the Delica’s blade shape and grind. These models typically cost a bit more but maybe worth it to some. The Delica features a traditional back lock design. However, this same hardness makes it notoriously difficult to sharpen and you can expect to spend a long time at the stones to get a razor edge on it. Spyderco Delica 4 Review. Designed for the masses, it’s relatively inexpensive, lightweight, and practical. when you take it to the stones it may take more time to get razor-sharp than inferior blade steel. The Delica “3” as it were also added the option for left-handed users to flip the clip around for more comfortable carry. ERGONOMIC - Added to the blades spine is slip resistant jimping. This blade was then replaced with a fourth Generation Spyderco Delica 4 in 2006. Made out of 100% carbon fiber, these scales have a smooth hex mesh surface. The Spyderco Delica 4 is a knife that has been perfected over 4 generations. Due to the blade’s shape, there is a perfect ramp to add jimping to and Spyderco has got theirs down to a science. I've been carrying a Spyderco Delica with a Black Blade in my pocket almost everyday for about 4 months. ULTRA-LIGHTWEIGHT - Inside the handle are dual skeletonized stainless steel liners which strengthen the knife without additional weight and double as an anchor for external and internal components to attach through generating more sturdiness. The Delica 4 is the latest model of Delica knives. This Spyderco Delica Review is going to look at what makes the Delica 4 one of Spyderco’s most popular models. And if you’re not a fan of the pocket clip or want to change out the FRN scales to something more “you” there are plenty of options to customize it to your liking. I have owned my Delica for a couple of years now and this blade has never let me down. Carbon fiber is known for having outstanding strength with a very light weight. Don’t get me wrong, the Para 3 is a FANTASTIC blade, but the Delica will suit the bill for a larger variety of folks looking to get into the lightweight folding game. You can get these for a unique customized look but their grip may not be as grippy as FRN in wet conditions. This lockback has titanium handles with a four-point ambidextrous pocket clip and a lanyard hole. Spyderco was one of (if not the first) to introduce pocket knives that could be both opened and closed with a single hand. Delica® 2 Stainless Steel C11SS2 OUT OF STOCK Discontinued $119.95 MSRP. It’s a Japanese made Spyderco with VG-10 blade steel, a FRN handle with stainless steel liners, a robust lockback, and a 4 way positionable pocket clip. The texturing on the scales is also done perfectly making sure even with wet hands you get slip-free tactile traction. Description . My personal Delica is still sporting stock scale screws and pivot, but many companies across the web have introduced custom titanium pivot and scale screws to add some flair to your new favorite blade. The majority of the customers are satisfied with this product as their everyday portable knife. What are the variations and what is the perfect model for you? Some people prefer this more discreet carry position for certain reasons, however, some people may find it harder to draw the knife without the top edge poking out of your pocket. This puts it near the top of the hardness rankings of many modern knife steel. For my size Large hands, my index and middle fingers fit into the first “cutout” while my ring finger fits in the second “cutout.”. Like any knife, it will have to be sharpened from time to time. It gets the job done and is perfect for the price. One upgrade many users make is to change out the standard clip with a “deep carry” clip. It has a nice size, not too big - not too small. These blades can cut with full power right up to the point. The Honey Badger is also a great competitor for those on an extremely tight budget, but it has not been out long enough compared to the Delica to determine if it is truly a worthy competitor in the durability and warranty departments. The Delica has a lightweight FRN (fiberglass reinforced nylon) handle with skeletonized stainless steel liners and a strong back lock mechanism. There are a TON of aftermarket mods for the Delica as well. The overall user satisfaction situation was pretty similar on knife forums. However, in the stainless domain, it doesn’t perform as well as other steel blades. Check out the Spyderco Delica at Amazon to see the current price. The Honey Badger comes in three sizes and comparable in both size and weight to the Delica.

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